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09/07/2020: One Year Anniversary

It's been one year since the formation of "Rich Owen & Mosquito Pass", and a lot has happened (2020, instance)! With lockdowns easing up, we're back out and performing live, again. Can't tell you how happy I am to have hooked up with such a great bunch of musicians!

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Mosquito Pass was started by Tim Steinwinder and Mark Besocke, and were in search of a lead vocalist. I'd been looking for a band to start playing gigs again, and possibly do a tour in the near future. And thus, a partnership was formed. Tim and Mark are both great musicians, and multi-instrumental; in addition to both playing electric and accoustic guitar, they also bring keyboards, steel guitar, mandolin, and banjo to our instrumental mix. We'll be doing shows with a mix of covers and originals, as well as an all-original show when the right venue and event presents itself. Join my mailing list to be informed of upcoming shows and events. Thanks!

03/07/2019: "Tip Jar" is going strong!

Hey, ya'll. Just wanted to bring you up to date on what's going on with the new album. The response has been better than I'd hoped. In the first quarter of its release, the songs on the album have had a total of 261,450 plays/downloads! Thanks so much to all those who've been supporting the new release! I've been busy in the studio, working on some new tracks, and hope to be able to announce some big thing on the horizon. Stay tuned!

10/01/2018: IT'S HERE!!!

I'm so pleased to announce the release of my new album, "Tip Jar"! This labor of love, two years in the making, is my first release under the Solaris label. It includes 8 original songs and 1 cover:

1) Sky Dancing
2) I Ain't Done Holding You
3) Tip Jar (title track)
4) Colorado Sunshine
5) Starting At 10
6) That's the Fun
7) Please Come To Boston (cover)
8) The Kiss of Death (Reprise)
9) Unbreak My Heart

This was a collaborative effort between myself, co-writer Ross Huskinson, Jeff Bohannon of JBO Music Productions, Rick Harlow of Masterpiece Studios, and Michael Bloom of Solaris Entertainment and Media. Check it out on all the usual streaming/download sites and let me know what you think of it!

07/14/2018: Music video of "Please Come to Boston" released!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of our first video, "Please Come to Boston", produced in partnership with our label, Solaris Entertainment & Media. Directed and produced by Hollywood veteran, Mr. Michael Bloom, it represents the first of what we hop will be many more collaborations.


I'm so pleased to announce the release of my new single, a cover of Dave Loggin's classic, "Please Come to Boston"! This is the first collaboration between myself, JBO Music Productions, and Solaris Entertainment and media.

Find it at the iTunes Store at: Please Come to Boston.
Stream it from Apple Music at: Please Come to Boston.


Lots to catch up on. First, The LDK Band is no more. However, to quote Maria from "The Sound of Music", when God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window. I'm proud to announce that I've signed an eclusive management and distribution deal with Solaris Entertainment and Media! More on this soon, but needless to say, this is a tremendous boost to my musical career.


05/12/2013: Just in time for Mothers' Day...

I just posted my newest song titled, "Momma Fix It". The song is available to listen to on the music player here on my homepage.  As usual, it is jointly produced by myself and the ever-talented Terry Fulwider, of The Blue Spot Studios in Smyrna, GA.  This song is a tribute to my own mother, Marilyn, who passed away last September.  While my dad was an engineer before he retired, if something broke we always took it to Mom.  Whether it was a broken toy, a broken bone, or a broken heart, she was "Momma Fix-It"!  I hope you'll give it a listen and, if you like it, will share it with the special women in your life that holds the exulted title, "momma".


03/07/2013: Just Finished another song!

Still busy in the studio, working on new music.  This newest song is titled, "I Ain't Done Holding You". The song is available to listen to on the music player here on my homepage.  The song is jointly produced by myself and Terry Fulwider, of The Blue Spot Studios in Smyrna, GA.  Like the song, "Everything Else", it features Lynn McLemore providing the background vocals.  The song tribute to my mother, who passed away this last September is our current project.  It is called, "Momma Fix It" and I hope to have it complete by then end of March.


01/27/2013: Another Year, another song!

I've been in the studio working on new music lately.  The most recently completed song is called, "Everything Else". The song is available to listen to on the music player here on my homepage.  The song is jointly produced by myself and Terry Fulwider, of The Blue Spot Studios in Smyrna, GA.  It features the beautiful and talented Lynn McLemore providing the background vocals.  We're currently working on another song called, "I Ain't Done Holding You", and I hope to have a cut to share with you soon.  I'm also working on a song tribute to my mother, who passed away this last September.


05/08/12: Summer Schedule is Starting to Pick Up!

Well, Spring is in the air, and my schedule is starting to fill up.  I've got a number of benefit shows coming up this month, and am trying to help organize the Colorado Country Music Association's annual competition and awards show.  In the meantime, I've been working on new music and hope to have some more news soon on the long delayed release of my second album, "What's Left of My Heart". Stay tuned!


02/08/12: Music Video of "Not Today"!

I've posted a music video for "Not Today" on my home page here and on YouTube.  While I still hope to have a more polished and professional video shot, this'll do for now.  Hope you enjoy it.


01/13/12: New Song, "Not Today"!

I've now put up my new song, called "Not Today.  It is a tribute to the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR). The PGR are a group of Harley-riding patriots who began showing up at the funerals of our service members (always with their permission), whenever the West Burrow Baptist Church protesters tried to protest at the funeral. The PGR riders would interpose themselves between these loathsome protestors and the grieving family of the deceased soldier, forming a solid wall of US flags and occasionally revving a hog engine to drown out the hateful chants of the protesters.

Since then, the PGR has grown to almost 250,000 members, and acts as honor guards at any vet's funeral where the family asks for them. They also run a "Help on the Homefront" effort, organizing activities at veteran's homes and hospitals. They are at every major departure of a deploying military unit, and at every homecoming.  My hope is to set up a charity fund, such that all profits from the sale of downloads of "Not Today" will go to benefit the families of departed service members.

This song and the rest of my released music is available for purchase (CD's and download) at:

If you're a radio station, you can download the song for free at Airplay Direct.

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