Experience the electrifying journey of Rich Owen, the country music sensation, as his songs conquer the charts and hearts worldwide!

Rich Owen

Rich Owen is a United States Air Force veteran, residing just outside of Branson, Missouri; he is married and has four children. Born the fourth of five brothers, he has been singing all of his life: at home, in choirs, and in front of any audience that would listen. Both his mother and his father were musically gifted; his mother a pianist and his father a talented vocalist. His earliest exposure to country music was through his mother. She was an avid fan of Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, John Denver, and Elvis Presley. Rich showed an early talent as a vocalist, and by the time he graduated high school it seemed certain he was headed into show business. All that changed when he met the love of his life, Kolleen, the first year he started college.

His love for performing was eclipsed by his love for Kolleen, and he made a fateful decision; he would forgo a life in show business and instead follow another passion, to serve his country. He enlisted as an airman in the United States Air Force. Several months after completing basic training and technical school, Rich and Kolleen were married. After leaving active duty, he thought life as a musical performer would remain a distant dream; however, all that changed on Christmas day, 2006.

Rich’s wife gave him a guitar for Christmas, and he taught himself to play. A couple months later, he wrote his first song, and with encouragement from friends and the unwavering support of his family, the songs continued to flow. He began to perform, both solo and with several bands, in bars, at county fairs, local music competitions, and at benefits for our active duty troops and veterans. Drawing on a lifetime of experiences and emotions, he continues to put out song after song that comes straight from the heart: songs of God, family, and love of country. He has released three albums to date, "Home, God, and Country", "What's Left of My Heart", and “Tip Jar”.

Today, Rich continues to pursue the dream he once thought lost forever. In March of 2024, he inked a three-year record deal with Spectra Music Group. That album will be released sometime in 2024 or early 2025.

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